Tennessee Combat Action License Plate

License Plate 2

Centerstone Military Services (CMS) and Soldiers and Families Embraced (SAFE) are pleased to announce the pre-sale of the Tennessee Combat Action Specialty License Plate. Each plate has a distinctive design with badges designating combat action or support for military service members.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Combat Action Specialty License Plates will be equally allocated by the State of Tennessee to Centerstone Military Services and Soldiers and Families Embraced. CMS and SAFE will use these funds to offer services to service members and their families.

In order for the plates to go into production, 1,000 orders are needed. Payment will not be collected until the goal of 1,000 orders is reached. The cost for a plate is $35; orders can be placed using this link.

These specialty plates, like all Tennessee specialty plates, will require an annual renewal fee. After the first year, maintaining this tag will require an annual fee of $56.50; $35 of that fee is allocated to the plate’s beneficiary.

To qualify for the Combat Infantryman, Combat Medical and Combat Action Badge plates, individuals will have to supply proof (DD 214) to the Tennessee Department of Revenue that they were awarded this badge.