7 Lives

Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual are all Necessary Parts of a Healthy Life

7 Lives

Today is your LIFE! Live with intention. Be the truth. Speak with compassion. Have an adventure. Discover your passion. Discover new ones! Embrace your journey… all of it… even the parts that suck. Leave behind what doesn’t nurture you. Become the love you want and watch the love you want find you. Learn from what you think are your mistakes. Have faith. Give credit to others. Smile often. Be of service. Surround yourself with those who make you better. Find your purpose. Be your best. Trust yourself. Exhale. Take risks! Just do it! Then do it all over again, tomorrow.

Self care is a necessary part of health. It most closely aligns itself with preventative medicine as it is deliberate and self-initiated giving an individual a sense of control and purpose in their own well-being. But it’s often overlooked until we realize how much we’ve completely neglected ourselves.

If you’re here it’s because you recognize it’s time to give yourself some time. Time to take control of what you can and let go of what you can’t. 7 Lives will help you become more self aware, more caring to yourself, and more aware of how you influence those around you simply by taking care of yourself.

7 Lives is a group for learning self-care. This group’s moderator is a Personal Trainer, a Certified Professional Coach, an Energy Leadership Master Practitioner ™, and is certified in Aromatherapy, and Nutrition. She can answer your questions about common issues like combat trauma, depression and life after war. This group focuses on increasing happiness in the lives of each member.

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