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Whole Population
What good is cleaning a cut in dirty water? What happens when a weed is cut down but the root is left intact? Without making sure the environment is clean and clear, addressing only part of a problem means the problem will remain, if not come back stronger. At Courage Beyond, our programs are offered not just to the warrior, but to the loved ones as well. We serve the whole population.
Humans are social, and research shows that healing is more likely to occur and be maintained in a community of supportive people. Therefore, even when our programs are delivered one-to- one, Courage Beyond will find ways to create community. Retreats might introduce a spouse to a group of like-minded women. An in-person group might bring warriors of all different branches together to consider their similarities. Our counselors get better at serving individuals when they commune with other counselors and continuously learn from each other’s experiences.
Our leaders are experts in their own rights, and our goal is for our community to be experts in their own story and journey. Their expertise might come from their experience, from academia, or both. As much as possible, our leaders come from the military population as warriors or as family members. When people are first starting their journey toward healing, they look to people they can trust. That trust is usually placed in experts that understand where they have been and, more importantly, can help get them to where they want to go.
Integrated Healing
There is no one way to heal from the invisible wounds of military service. Even treatments considered highly effective for PTSD like EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) only work for about 80 percent of the population. What happens to the other 20 percent? Courage Beyond strives to provide and support multiple modalities of getting better. We utilize many evidence-based practices in our counseling programs, and we also explore holistic healing opportunities within our groups and retreats. We especially love practices that engage the entire person—mind, body, and spirit.

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