Trench Talk

Where Military Loved Ones Support Each Other Through Community and Caring

When I first joined back in February, I was contemplating suicide. The end of my rope was fraying and it was fraying fast. This is why I always say Trench Talk and its amazing ladies saved me. There is so much more beyond the dark. Today I’m reminded in vivid detail that if I had acted on it I wouldn’t be around to see the amazing leaps and bounds my husband has taken. I wouldn’t be around to be at peace finally with my middle son. I’m very thankful I didn’t take that final step.

Trench Talk is a safe haven for conversation–both casual and deep–for the spouses and loved ones of service members. After over a decade of war, military family members are tired. Many are now caregivers for loved ones with war-wounds, visible and invisible alike. Some have limped through with their own woundings. All have juggled their own larger stories and the story of their life as the family member of a service member.

Trench Talk is run by military loved ones for military loved ones.  It is an ongoing conversation that is a place to come for support any time.  The moderators are both military spouses themselves and the people in the group range from loved ones of active duty to caregivers whose loved ones have PTSD/TBI and more.  If you are looking for friends, need to vent or just want to connect with other spouses, join us.


Most of the information gathered here is for statistical purposes only and will not be attached to your name once it is recorded. Your privacy is our utmost concern.
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