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Online Groups

Courage Beyond provides a number of online groups focused on different paths of healing because we recognize that one size does not fit all.  Our online groups are free and easy to access with your computer or phone. If you have any questions, email Jennifer Carr and she will help you get access or connect you with our online moderators for more information.

7 Lives

7 Lives is a group for learning self-care. The group is moderated by a certified life coach, aromatherapist, and physical trainer who can answer your questions about common issues like combat trauma, depression and life after war. It focuses on increasing happiness in the lives of each member.

Trench Talk

Trench Talk is a safe haven for conversation–both casual and deep–for the spouses and loved ones of service members.

Beyond Surviving

This group is for anyone who has experienced a sexual assault, or who wonders if they may have been. We will discuss the reality of sexual assault, the trauma it causes, and the many ways it may be impacting your life today.

Trench Talk Parents

Trench Talk Parents is a place to ask other parents questions. After all, who better to help than someone who has been there, done that and can assist in traveling that path.

• If you are in crisis, call 866.781.8010, available 24/7 •

• If you are in Tennessee, you can also email our counseling line at

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