Services through Courage Beyond

We Provide a Variety of Confidential, No-cost Programs and Services for Warriors and their Loved Ones

In-Person Counseling

Slide 3In-person counseling is available in Tennessee through, our parent company, Centerstone Military Services’s network of licensed clinical therapists trained in military culture. Counseling services are offered on a case-by-case basis and are completely confidential and free of charge to those who qualify.

We serve spouses, caregivers, widows, service members, veterans, children, and parents.

If you are in Tennessee and would like to schedule a counseling appointment, please email our counseling line at


CBHWHVRetreatCourage Beyond offers numerous therapeutic rehabilitative events and coping skills retreats throughout the year. These events and retreats foster healing and support for both family members and warriors. A typical event lasts from two to four days and involves counseling, assessment, coping skills training, rehabilitative efforts and group support.

We currently serve spouses, caregivers, and widows.

For more information, please email Programs Director, Jennifer Carr, or check our social media to stay up to date.

• If you are in crisis, call 866.781.8010, available 24/7 •

• If you are in Tennessee, you can also email our counseling line at

Online Support Groups

Courage Beyond provides a number of online groups focused on different paths of healing because we recognize that one size does not fit all.  Our online groups are free and easy to access with your computer or phone.  If you have any questions, please email Chris Cain and she will help you get access or connect you with our online moderators for more information.

Online Classes

Throughout the year we offer online classes geared to flourishing during and after military service.  These classes generally run from four to six weeks and meet once a week. They are on a rotating curriculum from peer work to counselor classes.  Each is tailored to a specific audience and offer a hands on approach to coping with the dynamics of military service, whether it be your loved one or you who served or are serving, and specific skills that will serve you well long after the class is over.  All of our classes are run by experts.  As always, we also offer continuing support through a caring and active community and ongoing online groups run by some of our instructors.  Check back often for new class listings and how to enroll.

We periodically have online classes for spouses, caregivers, widows, female veterans, and mental health professionals.

Currently Enrolling Classes and Workshops